Low Doc Loans Lenders Mortgage Insurance

Low Doc Loans Lenders Mortgage insurance is generally payable on low doc loans where the loan is greater than 60% of the purchase price or refinance amount. This lenders mortagage insurance (LMI) is a once off fee up to 80%.

So why are lenders charging this lmi?

The starting point is full document home loans. With full document loans it is normal to pay mortgage insurance for home loans over 80%  This is because with a full document loan a lender normally requires two years financial, two years personal and company tax returns. Having all this information means the lender has a wealth of information to enable them to make a credit decision.

With a low doc loan not as much information is provided, so a lender may perceive a low doc loan is more risky.  To cover this perceived risk, between 60 and 80% the lender will mortgage insure the loan.

In a nutshell, the bands are as follows:-

60% LVR No Mortgage insurance and generally the cheapest type of low doc loan.

70% LVR No mortgage insurance, however the low doc interest rate may be higher to compensate for the risk.

80% LVR Mortgage insurance. A once off lenders mortgage insurance fee payable at settlement of the loan. As a guide and guide only this fee may be around 1% of the loan amount eg on a $300,000 low doc loan this may be a once off premium of approx. $3,000. Note this is a guide only as mortgage insurance premiums can fluctuate between lenders.

85% LVR Mortgage Insurance is replaced with a lenders risk fee. This is where a lender self insures the loan themselves. These are normally the most expensive low doc loans in regards to both interest rate and insurance.

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The following new products have become available:-

Low Doc Loans 80% Residential with no mortgage insurance payable

Low Doc Commercial Loans with no mortgage insurance payable.