Trade Finance

Imagine that your best customer has just given you the largest order your company has ever received.

Wow!… your first response is elation until reality sets in. How will you pay for the materials and labour you need to fulfil  the order?

Answer; Trade Finance. Trade Finance can leverage against the purchase order and stock to obtain working capital.

Conditions: Generally you will need to demonstrate that the goods are predominantly pre-sold and that you have quality control procedures in place.

Type of Stock: normally finished goods.

What about help to arrange Letters of Credit? Yes, we can help arrange the preferred currency.

Charges? The fees charged will depend on volume, the level of service provided and the assessed risk. However interest will be only charged on the amount outstanding.

Foreign Exchange Risk

Most importers are purchasing in foreign currencies. Historically, fluctuations in exchange rates can be the difference between a good year or an average one. There are several cost-effective options which can be used to manage risk.

Trade Finance Debtor Finance

Two facilities that work hand in hand to support a business from the time the order is received from a customer through until that same customer pays….

What a good idea!

With Trade Finance that is exactly how it works. When your business receives an order from a customer to supply goods that need to be imported, We can organise the Trade Finance to land the goods in Australia. We can also organise  further funding to allow time for your customer to pay you.

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Trade Finance

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