Low Doc Commercial loans

Low doc commercial loans

Up to 80% Low Doc Commercial loans. Possibly slightly higher. Gst may also be financed for a short term, if this is needed for settlement.

VERY FAST Approvals.

For purchases only.


Last BAS

Clean credit

Clear tax portal

DO NOT need accountants letter.

These low doc commercial loans are:-





With commercial interest rates starting to trend lower there has been a move to purchasing high yielding commercial properties.

One of the keys to successful commercial property is the tenant. The tenant is the cash flow. established businesses that have strong financials are preferable to start up businesses. Of course a govt tenant or national brand is generally more secure.

Cash flow is the key.

It’s all about about the cash flow.

Here is a commercial property scenario

Note this is a guide and guide only.

Purchase price $1.25m

Govt costs and misc $65,000

Total cost $1,315,000

Deposit of 25% say $313,000 plus $65,000 for costs. Total outlay $378,000

Borrow 75% say loan is $937,000. Assumption is deposit is borrowed on a residential property, say $378,000

Interest on $1,315,000 at 5.5% is $72325 pa

Building showing 8% yield say $100,000

Approx. net income flow is $27,6750 pa

With longer commercial leases the commercial property purchase may be safer.


Commercial properties in major metropolitan areas are normally more  sought after than regional commercial properties.

With help finding high yielding commercial properties that may net over 7% try yieldfinda.com


The above is a scenario only.

It is not investment advice.

It must not be relied upon as personal legal, financial or investment advice.

No consideration has been given or will be given to the individual specific investment objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person.

All property investing is subject to both profit and loss and may not be suitable for you.

Past performance is no guarantee or reliable indication of future results.