What Does it Cost?

Trade Finance indicative costs:

********* 100% finance of the supplier costs including freight costs, customs clearance. TAP ********

Limit Establishment Fee: A percentage of the Trade Finance limit which is dependent upon the number of shipments outstanding and funding required at any time to cover these commitments.

Letter of Credit Fee: A one off fee of the cost of the Letter of Credit required up to 90 days. Please note it is not payable each month.

Trade Bill Interest: Once the supplier has released the Bill of Lading, and other documents, and have been paid, a Trade Bill is raised or is created to the client or customer importing.  Interest (the rate which is dependent on risk) is payable until the goods are received and have been cleared through Customs and delivered to the end debtor. The period the Trade Bill can be outstanding for is up to 60 days.

Debtor Finance indicative costs

No Limit Establishment Fee

Management Fee: Dependent upon turnover.

Interest Rate: Dependent upon risk. On Funds Used, not on Funds Available.

Combined one-off Application Fee to seek Credit Approval and document both the Debtor & Trade Finance facilities.

Please note stand alone Debtor finance facilities can be provided however, Trade Facilities need to be combined with a Debtor Finance facility.

TAP: To Approved Purchasers. Terms and conditions. Fees and charges apply

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Trade Finance

Trade Finance costs

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