Accountants verification only

As everyone is now aware, all residential lending is now governed under NCCP. This can only be a good thing going forward, as it will lead to even more responsible lending. Contrary, to what some media commentators are saying Low Doc Loans are not dead. The whole principal of lending is that borrowers should be able to repay their loan comfortably.

So what does this mean for low doc loans? It means any low doc loan must now be verified in one of three ways. Either bank trading statements, BAS or an accountant’s sign off only. Of these three, we have found the third option is the most popular. This makes sense, as many accountants have known their customers for a long time and are intimate with their businesses. So, if you are looking for a low doc loan, and have an accountant that is able to sign off on your declared income, please call us on 1300 LOW DOC