Low Doc Loans still available without BAS

Are Low Doc Loans still available without BAS? Yes. As the major banks have tightened their credit policy in regards to Low Doc Loans, it is true that they have become more expensive. The question is how much more? We are already starting to see some evidence of Low Doc Loans without BAS being quoted at high rates.

However, Low Doc loans without BAS are still available at or near home loan rates. If you are being quoted an investment interest rate that doesn’t begin with 5. something percent you may be paying too much. Generally, to purchase at the 80% mark, you will need clean credit, be registered for GST, it is preferable to have an ABN that has been registered for at least 2 years, and the residential property should be in a major area.

Of course all of the low doc loans applications are subject to a particular lender’s credit criteria.